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About Us

About the Founders

Christa Lorgeat is the founder of Christie’s Heart Inc. The idea to help others originated in her young age when she heards about the unsustainable life in a small rural area near her hometown called Jean-Rabel in Haiti. Her desire to help those people grew up even stronger when she finally decided to start the work in 2014 with her spouse D. Lorgeat. While Christa has over seventeen years of experiences in the Healthcare industry, her vocational experiences have been buttressed by volunteering domestically and abroad. In addition, Ms. Lorgeat’s involvement with the community has provided her with many opportunities to enhance her communication and leadership skills, both of which are vital to the success of the organization.

Marjorie Gedeon is the founder of Samaritan Care Foundation. Dr. Gedeon had obtained her medical degree in the Dominican Republic (DR) in 1992 where she first started to help the Haitian Communities leaving in poor conditions in DR by teaching bible classes every Sunday. Dr. Gedeon has over 20 years of healthcare experiences. Dr. Gedeon founded Samaritan Care Foundation Inc., a Christ-centered ministry in March 2010 after the devastative earthquake that ravaged our home country Haiti where nearly 200,000 people died and more than 300,000 injured, countless material damage. The pain was palpable in the immediate aftermath. As a result, friends, family members, church members, and coworkers come together in a spirit of compassion and solidarity to assist and give hope to the victims of this tragedy. Since then Marjorie and her spouse have felt compelled to care and give hope to the underprivileged living in rural areas striving for a better life.

On August 24th, 2019, Christie’s Heart and Samaritan Care Foundation had joined with other volunteers to launch its first annual health fair in the Dominican Republic. After which it was judged necessary to merge both organizations for a common cause. In October of 2019, Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care Foundation (CHSCF) had welcomed three new board members who have agreed to work for a common cause to extend the organization’s mission.

All of Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care Foundation Inc.’s programs are staffed by qualified individuals, who have expertise in their particular service area. The Board Directors of the organization oversees all staff and client interaction, while continuously employing their years of training and experience. Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care Foundation Inc. and the programs that are currently being offered, as well as those we are developing, aspire to improve the lives of each and every one we are fortunate enough to work with.

Our Team In The USA

Rev. Constant E. Dorleans

Rev. Constant E. Dorleans currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Ministry and also Senior Pastor at Restoration Baptist Church. He is the new President of Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care.

Dieudonne Lorgeat, RN

Dieudonne Lorgeat is serving as the Vice President of Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care Foundation. Mr. Lorgeat has more than 10 years of experience in health care working both as a Registered Nurse and Radiologic Technology. Mr. Lorgeat started to help his community by working alongside his father Pastor Joseph Lorgeat in his young age in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Christa Lorgeat, APRN

Christa has over 16 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Ms. Lorgeat is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with a postmaster certification in Family Nurse Practitioner. She has served as a church secretary and Sunday school teacher for about four years in a local church in Kissimmee. Ms. Lorgeat has dedicated her time to serve people through a holistic approach as her savior Jesus did in His time on earth.

Dr. Marjorie Gedeon

Graduated from medical school in the Dominican Republic in 1992, Public Health in 1993, and Internal Medicine Residency in 1995 where she first started to help the Haitian Communities leaving in poor conditions in DR by teaching bible classes every Sunday. Dr. Gedeon has over 20 years of healthcare experience which will benefit the targeted populations of CHSCF.

Wesly Delerm

Mr. Delerm has been in education for over 25 years. He started his career in Haiti. Mr. Delerm also has many years of experience working in the church industry.

Dr. Willy Noel

Dr. Willy Noel, MD, Internist with over 20 years of experience in internal medicine. Dr. Willy Noel is the owner of La Majesty Healthcare in Kissimmee, FL. Dr. Noel is also a Christian music artist and Songwriter of Hymns and Praises to the King of Kings. Some of his most well-known songs are Great I Am, and King of Kings.

Carline Sylvain, LPN

More than 15 years of experience in healthcare. Ms. Sylvain has been helping the underserved population in her home town Port-Au-Prince, Haiti for many years by providing them with school supplies, food, clothing, and much more. Ms. Sylvain had dedicated her time every year to go to Haiti and help those people. She had shared the same mission of Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care Foundation and had decided to join the board to continue her goal.

Our Team In The Dominican Republic

Dr. Marie Espinal

Dr. Espinal is a Medical Doctor in the Dominican Republic (DR) with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Dr. Espinal is the Representant and Medical Director of Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care Foundation in DR.

Our Team In Haiti

Dr. Lyde-Fausta Louis-Pierre

Dr. Louis-Pierre started her studies at Utesa University in the Dominican Republic in 2006. She graduated as a medical doctor in 2015. She did her residency in 2016 at Immaculate Conception Hospital in pediatric and internal medicine. She had participated in mobile clinics with PEPFAR, the CI during these last two years and with the Emanuelle church. Dr. Louis-Pierre is the medical director of Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care Foundation in the Northern part of Haiti.

Eleonore Villard

Eleonore Villard is our Regional Director in Haiti. She is a Haitian born from the northern part of the country, she was trained in the field of administrative and science development, and currently holds a position of a manager within the autonomous body of the Haitian state employee.

Tervilia Elge

Tervilia Elge is our Representant in Desgarcons, Haiti. She has dedicated her time to help those in need.

Jerilem Saint-Charles

Jerilem Saint-Charles is our representant in Jean-Rabel, Haiti.

Make A Difference Today

Our Vision

Our mission is to honor God and serve people. We are dedicated to meeting the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of underprivileged people living in certain rural areas in the US, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic by providing basic medical care to children and families, by providing a food assistance program called meals on wheels ministry for disabled elderly and by sharing the great news of salvation by Grace that will ultimately lead people in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and advance the kingdom of God on Earth.

Recognizing the needs that exist among our target population, Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care Foundation Inc.’s staff has successfully established a mobile medical clinic, distributed essential educational resources and basic needs, and created a health education program that focuses on individual empowerment. Throughout continuation of the proposed activities, our organization will continue to address the needs of our target communities, brighten lives, and assist each participant achieve their personal goals. Our organization’s objectives are accomplished by implementation of stimulating activities and materials that are organized around a well-developed prospectus.

Christie’s Heart Samaritan Care Foundation Inc. strives to serve as many community members as possible with the resources we have available – every individual is important to our organization and we will not discriminate against anyone. By offering services that are concentrated on serving those less fortunate and addressing the greatest needs of our target community, we can make a positive contribution in helping the individuals we work with lead a more fulfilling life.